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Be seeing a lot of you soon! Photo Credit - Seen Robinson

[Moons Over Monuments] A New Moon Rising

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An odd little idea has been kicking around in my noggin for awhile. It seemed silly and fun, heck, there might even be an adventure to be had. The plan; boldly journey to many unsung, under-visited monuments, dedicated to time and history, that are placed along our country back-roads, main highways, river valleys and mountain tops… and moon them.

My Ass. That is the subject of this blog. It is my dearest hope that you did not stumble across this blog, believing that the title Moons Over Monuments referred to an orbiting Lunar object and man-made grandeur. Nope, it’s just my rump.

I’ve ventured out on a few trips already, airing out the idea. Giving it room to breathe. So, when the Sims’ presented me with the opportunity to write for them, of course I immediately said “Only if I get to continue the genius that is Moons Over Monuments.”

I also hope you are entertained, and not offended. We’ll attempt to avoid close-ups. Trust me, I don’t want anyone seeing my Irish, office worker, donut-loving hiney too closely. Nobody wants that. My first new blog will be revealed here at Been And Going on Monday, December 2nd. You have been warned.

With all of that said, enjoy the scenery.

Point Dume, Zuma State Beach, Malibu California

We are Dumed – Photo Credit Sean Robinson – Point Dume, Zuma State Beach, Malibu California

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