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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] McDonald’s Triple Cheeseburger Trap

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Jersey Joe exposes how McDonald’s is ripping you off with their Triple Cheeseburger promotion and shows you how to get more food for the same price.

THE 411

Name: McDonald’s Triple Cheeseburger

What: 3 patty hamburger sold at the fast food restaurant chain in the United States

Cost: $2.50 (current advertised special)


Keep a lookout for sneaky menu prices like this.  Many restaurants do this to add your money to their bottom line.  But, by being a smart shopper and doing a little research can help you find a better deal!


[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Caught: Secret Marketing to Hide Product Downsizing

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Last week, I was in the drug store looking to pick up a can of body spray when I noticed that one of my favorite products Old Spice had been redesigned.  There were a few of the old cans left on the shelf and when I compared the two, I got quite a surprise.


The new product cans are shiny and eye catching.  I immediately noticed how the redesign on the can, now gave it a new higher and thinner shape.  The new Old Spice cans are now much taller than many other body spray products on the shelf.


The old and the new. Can you notice the difference in this side by side comparison?

The old and the new. Can you notice the difference in this side by side comparison?

Large bold print shouts NEW to hopefully grab the customer’s attention that the product has gone through a change.  But, it was when I took a look at the fine print, I got angry.


Old Spice has reduced the amount of spray, now in each can from 4 oz. to 3.75 oz.


So, for the same price ($5.79) – I’m getting less product.  Who likes getting less for their money?  No one!


Had I not caught the old and new cans side by side on the shelf, I probably wouldn’t have noticed.  And that’s EXACTLY what marketing companies hope for when they downsize a product.


With our current economy, more and more manufacturers are looking to stretch their dollars any way they can.  Many have done this by laying off staff, manufacturing products overseas, or as in this case placing a smaller product on store shelves.


I’ve seen this everywhere from soap, to canned goods, to soft drinks.


Are you getting less for your money and not even knowing it?

Are you getting less for your money and not even knowing it?

Companies are hoping that the consumer will not notice a small reduction in a product’s size and will use clever tactics, like redesigning the can or proclaiming it’s a NEW design to distract from the fact that you’re getting less for your money.


Given the choice, I’d rather Old Spice cut back instead of raising the price of their product.  But, if they were hoping no one would notice – to late… I did!


Old Spice has been on the markets since 1934 selling grooming products for men.  Originally a shaving cream and aftershave lotion, since being acquired by Procter & Gamble in 1990, the line has expanded to add deodorants, body washes, and body sprays with scents that target men.


THE 411


Name:  Old Spice


What: product line of male grooming products


Founded: 1934


Manufacturer: Procter & Gamble


Headquarters:  Cincinnati, Ohio






Keep and eye on your favorite products at the store.  It’s not just Old Spice, but many products have been downsized.  I saw something, I said something!


Even the bars of soap and my contact lens solutions have been downsized!  Sometimes, the cost actually goes up and you’re getting less product!


As long as nobody really notices, manufacturers will continue these tricks.  It’s up to you to be vigilant and notice.  If you don’t like what you see, reach out and give them a piece of your mind!  Go to their website and shoot them a simple email.  It’s your money – get more for it.  Or, at the very least – make them aware that we the consumers have noticed!  A reputable company will at least send you a couple of coupons or some freebies for your trouble.