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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Arby’s New Secret Sandwich: Denali Meat Mountain

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In this special Friday episode, Jersey Joe explores the new Arby’s secret menu item: The Denali Meat Mountain sandwich.  What makes it better than the original sandwich and why it’s only available for a short time.

THE 411

Name: Denali Meat Mountain sandwich

Restaurant: Arby’s

Locations: most locations nationwide

Cost: $10 plus tax



If you’re thinking about trying this secret menu item… DO IT NOW!  It is only available until Easter at the latest.  This is due to Arby’s introducing fish to their menu for Lent.  This same fish has been added to the Arby’s Meat Mountain sandwich, to form this super limited fast food item.  I love when restaurant’s experiment with their menus and applause to Arby’s for really going for it!

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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Year 5 Round Up

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Jersey Joe updates some for the great fun we had during the fourth year of KICKING BACK WITH JERSEY JOE.

THE 411


Name: Kicking Back with Jersey Joe


What: weekly blog on


Time: new editions post Thursday at Noon Eastern / 9am Pacific




Thanks again for all your support and for checking out my blog.  I love how we get to chat like this each week.  As always, feel free to comment below each post or reach out to me on twitter @jerseyjoe5

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] In Search of the Arby’s Meat Mountain Secret Menu Sandwich

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It’s the sandwich lighting up social media – Jersey Joe checks out if all the  hype about the new Arby’s secret menu item – The Meat Mountain is the real deal.



THE 411

What: The Meat Mountain

Where: Arby’s restaurants coast to coast

Time: Limited time offering

Cost: $10 plus tax per sandwich

arbys meat mountain


This is a great idea on Arby’s part.  It all started off, when they posted a picture showing all of the meats they currently have for sale on a bun.  Customers started to ask for the sandwich and someone at the corporate office was listening.  Now, it’s become a win-win!

Arby’s gets all the free social media and web advertising and customers get to try a truly unique sandwich.  This will only on sale for a limited time, but this one will definitely be talked about for years to come.  Skip the diet – and give this at least a try!