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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe LIVE] Fun in Atlantic City

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There’s lots of fun to be had on the Jersey Shore this summer and Atlantic City has plenty to offer. The casinos are open, along with the beach, and the Boardwalk. Jersey Joe and his friends hang out at a beach bar and bring you all the happenings in this special rebroadcast of a live web show.


THE 411

What: Atlantic City

Where: New Jersey

Year Founded: 1894



Atlantic City may have lost 4 casinos, but there’s more going on in town than just gambling.  The city continues to add additional attractions to bring the fun back to the shore.   It’s kind of neat to see the city in the state of transformation, as more attractions are added.  They just need to settle the mess with the Revel casino and fix that black eye.

Have you ever visited AC?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Coney Island Quiz

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Jersey Joe checks out the fun side of New York City’s playground, Coney Island in this fun video quiz!


Coney Island was settled by Dutch settlers in the 17th century.  It became a popular beach and amusement park area starting in the 19th century.  Once air and auto travel became more affordable, Coney Island lost it’s luster as city dwellers were able to visit other, more far off locals.  After falling into disrepair during the 1980’s, Coney Island has made a major comeback with the opening of Luna Park, more rides, restaurants, beach bars. and independent attractions.


THE 411

What: Coney Island

Where: part of Brooklyn, New York City

Founded: 17th century

Population: 60,000 residential


One of my favorite places for fun in New York City.  Despite having a bad reputation and becoming downright dangerous years ago, Coney Island has been cleaned up and is once again, an exciting place for both friends and families.

Make sure you check it out, whether you’re a local or a tourist on vacation.  After all, it’s the birthplace of the hot dog!

[Images from the Id] – Surfin’ Safari or on the Beach?

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When I'm 64-001

Images from the Id – Surfin’ Safari or on the Beach?

North of the Birch Aquarium is the Cardiff State Beach. Not a particularly unique beach but fun for an inlander. Beach photography can be interesting because of the people and flotsam stranded on the beach. The people can range from surfers and sun bathers to gawking photographers 😉 It’s a joy just walking the edge of the water and trying not to get too wet, then an unusually high wave spoils your attempts.

It is very important to understand the damage salt and saltwater can do to a camera and lens. Always have a UV or Skylight filter on the lens, most of us do that anyway. Second be sure to wipe your equipment carefully with a fresh water dampened cloth to remove any salt etc. from the environment. You really don’t need more than one lens a good zoom such as my 80 mm – 400 mm is perfect even for closeups and debris. What to shot? Less obviously, look at somethings that are different such as; a line up of colorful surfboards, unusual arrangement of kelp etc. Look for colors, textures, repetitive forms or lines. Action is easier to find and can be great fun. The bikini clad girl playing impromptu volleyball is always fun. Then there are the surfers. Use your longest lens and a fast shutter to capture the action and try the slower shutter for showing motion, which is much more difficult. Look iconic positions and flying boards. As you know by now you will have to balance the exposure triangle (ISO-Aperture-Shutter Speed) toward shutter Speed. In fact, you may want to use “Shutter Priority”. Shot suffers with a fast shutter release, 6 frames per second or faster to get great sequences.

Have fun get your feet wet

Featured Image “When I’m 64” thanks to my wife for the title. This gal was 64. 1/1500 sec., f/6.7 (comment I prefer not to shot with the lens wide open if I have the choice. The smaller f-stops are sharper up to about f/16), 0 EV, ISO 200, 165 mm/247 mm. focal length. Processed in Lightroom 5.4.





“Oops” three images of a ten shot sequence, 1/1500 sec., f/6.7, 0 EV, ISO 200, 400 mm/600 mm focal length.


[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] When Whales Explode…

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Over the years, I’ve featured all kinds of “caught on tape” blogs.  Well, this week is only for those who have a strong stomach!  When a whale dies at sea, it usually washes ashore on a beach somewhere and causes quite a stink.  It’s the job of local authorities to remove these giant animals before things really get bad.  Well, take a look at these videos (WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE) and think of this the next time you have a bad day at work!


Whales are some of the largest creatures to inhabit our planet’s oceans.  Ranging in size from 11 feet to 200 tons, the average life span is 77 years, but they can live well past the century mark.  While known as a gentile giant, these creatures were nearly hunted into extinction, with 2 million being killed during the 20th century.  Now, only a few countries are still on the hunt, while most have given up in hopes of growing the population.  Whalers hunted them for oil, meat, and to make perfume out of their intestines.  The issue of whale hunting was the subject for the time travel film, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.


Sadly, after the long lives come to and end, many wash up on shore.  If not taken care of, they begin to decompose in only two days.  Who would want to be next to that giant stinky mess?  After they pass, their stomach and intestines fill with gas.  (Think of how you feel after eating a bloating meal!)


The following video was recorded last November in the Faroe Islands.  The Faroe Islands are about 200 miles northwest of Scotland with a population of about 50,000.  While under Danish rule, the island is self governed and prohibit whale hunting.  Therefore, the whale in the video was not hunted and died of natural causes.


I feel bad for this guy who had to go in and dissect the carcass for removal.  He gets quite a surprise!


WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE.  This did air on Faroe national TV across the island.



Since being posted, the video has scored over 4 million hits.


This is not the first time a whale explosion has been caught on camera.  Back in November 1980, KATU News in Portland, Oregon was there as another whale washed ashore.  This time, town officials decided to blow it up with dynamite in a huge public spectacle… which quickly goes wrong.  WARNING: MORE GRAPHIC FOOTAGE taken from the original newscast.



Another video that has scored over 3 million hits.


THE 411


What: exploding whales caught on tape


Why: pressure builds up in whale stomach and intestines after death




These videos are kind of crazy!  I think we’ve all learned not to cut into a dead whale.  It’s amazing (and a little educational) how the build up of gas inside can cause such an explosion.  The pressure was enough to destroy a car in the parking lot!  How do you explain that to your insurance company?


Judging by the millions who have viewed these videos, just about anything can become a trending topic on the web.