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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe LIVE] Ride on the Circus Circus Tram Reno

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Jersey Joe takes a ride on the Circus Circus tram LIVE at the Circus Circus hotel & casino in Reno, Nevada and chats live in this special rebroadcast.

THE 411

What: tram ride

Where: Reno, Nevada

Hotel: Circus Circus Reno

Why: connects distant hotel towers at Circus Circus hotel & casino

Hotel opened: 1978



I love how the executives and contractors at Circus Circus found a novel solution to a problem.  They took the fact that they had a distant hotel tower and turned that negative into a positive by adding two mechanical trams that add to the tourist experience.

Hotels and vacation resorts are everywhere and it’s up to the marketers to make each of these destinations fun and unique.  Circus Circus has done a fantastic job of that.  Most of the other hotel and casinos in Reno are the same, but this place has definitely figured out how to capitalize on many unique offerings, including their midway and circus acts, to stand out from the rest.  I will DEFINITELY be back!

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