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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Jersey Joe’s Funny Bathtub Thoughts

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Everybody thinks about all kinds of strange subjects in the bath and the shower.  Jersey Joe is no different.

THE 411

What: bathtub thoughts

Why: the mind goes wild when unwinding in the shower or tub


Admit it… we all think about things in the bathroom.  Should we do toilet thoughts, next?

Asian style jacuzzi in spa room

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Is Your Hotel Room Clean?

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Jersey Joe checks out a few simple tips to find out if your hotel room is clean.

THE 411

What: hotel room tips

How: 2 simple steps

Result: easy ways to know if your hotel room is clean


I love the show Hotel Impossible on The Travel Channel.  Unlike most reality shows, this is less about the screaming, and more about getting results.

The viewer gets a sneak peek at the inner workings of a hotel.

With these two tips, I learned from watching the show, hopefully they will give you a little piece of mind during your next hotel room stay.

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Dirty Hotel Pillows

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Jersey Joe checks into a hotel room, but wants to know — are the throw pillows they put on the bed safe and clean?  Find out what you have to say about it…


THE 411

What: hotel rooms

Place: temporary bedroom or living quarters for vacationers and travelers, rented out for cash

Where: global

Length of stay: nightly and beyond


These are just my thoughts.  I can’t say for sure, whether the pillows in my room were cleaned or not, but judging by the lint and stains on the pillow – I’m guessing no.

The pillows look great in hotel brochures and on websites, but I have no desire to curl up with one after the person who checked out before me has done who knows what on them.  These extra pillows really are unnecessary.  They look great in a photo, but in practicality – no.  Many hotels add these, thinking they give the room a bonus feature, but for me, they really need to disappear.  Hotels had the same problem with heavy comforters that they used to put on beds years ago, but finally got the hint that people really don’t want them, after finding them discarded on the floor on a regular basis.  Eventually, this will happen to all of those extra throw pillows as well…