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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] In Search of the Arby’s Meat Mountain Secret Menu Sandwich

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It’s the sandwich lighting up social media – Jersey Joe checks out if all the  hype about the new Arby’s secret menu item – The Meat Mountain is the real deal.



THE 411

What: The Meat Mountain

Where: Arby’s restaurants coast to coast

Time: Limited time offering

Cost: $10 plus tax per sandwich

arbys meat mountain


This is a great idea on Arby’s part.  It all started off, when they posted a picture showing all of the meats they currently have for sale on a bun.  Customers started to ask for the sandwich and someone at the corporate office was listening.  Now, it’s become a win-win!

Arby’s gets all the free social media and web advertising and customers get to try a truly unique sandwich.  This will only on sale for a limited time, but this one will definitely be talked about for years to come.  Skip the diet – and give this at least a try!