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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Jackass / Not a Jackass

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Are your favorite celebrities and sports stars a jackass?  You voted and Jersey Joe has your official results!

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What: Jackass / Not a Jackass

Who: celebrities and athletes

Voting occurred: March 2016


Thanks for all your votes.  Should we play another round with more stars?

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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe LIVE] What is Your Favorite Christmas Movie?

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Jersey Joe and his friend Pete chat with patrons at O’Hara’s Downtown in Jersey City, New Jersey about their favorite Christmas movies.  Did yours make the list?

THE 411

What: Your favorite Christmas movie

Where: recorded at O’Hara’s Downtown, Jersey City, New Jersey


What is your favorite Christmas movie?  Join in on the conversation now @JerseyJoe50 on twitter!  Did yours make the list?

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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Naughty or Nice?

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Are these celebrities naughty or nice? Will Santa leave them something special under the tree? You voted & Jersey Joe has the results!

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What: celebrities naughty or nice

Determined by: your votes


Thanks for voting… let’s try this game again next year!

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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Name That Celebrity Ass

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Jersey Joe challenges his friends to name these celebrity pictures, posted to twitter, just by looking at their rear!  Think you can do… play along and find out!

Fans post all kinds of photos and videos of stars to Twitter.  Twitter is a great way to interact with the rich and famous, like never before!

THE 411

Name: Twitter

What: social website

More information: photos, videos, and posts limited to 140 characters


Definitely follow some of your favorite celebrities on Twitter.  In most cases, you don’t even need to be a member of the service to check out your favorite stars page.  However, if you do sign up, click the FOLLOW button on your favorite celebrity’s feed, so each of their posts show up front and center, the next time you log on.

Try this same game with your friends!  It would actually make a great party game!

[LefthandedJeff] Kittens and I Get the Shakes (Earthquake Flashback)

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Twenty years ago today I rode out the Northridge earthquake in an old brick apartment building in Hollywood with my new little gray tabby kittens, Shadow and Shade, and then wrote this poem about it:

Kittens and I Get the Shakes

Earthquake train roars, apartment shack shakes me martini, dice.
I naked in doorjamb prop up three floors like Atlas. Tiny grey
Puffball urchin faces, eyes wide marbles, peek from under futon.

Turned out to also be the first night that my now-wife Elise ever spent in Los Angeles, just about a mile away, near Beechwood Canyon and also in Hollywood. We wouldn’t meet until some weeks later, on St. Patrick’s Day. Fate gave us a shared experience, but did not yet bring us together.

As the poem indicates, I’d been sleeping naked when the quake hit early in the morning. I jumped up. The power went out. I always thought standing in a doorway was a dumb idea. I always figured they just told us that so they’d know where to find the bodies in the rubble. So I ran to the front door of my apartment, still naked, and threw it open, to the sound of dozens of other residents running down the hallway toward the back door.

I thought, this is life or death, I shouldn’t care if I run out there naked. But it turns out I did care. So I went and stood in an inside doorway, feeling ridiculous and stupid all the way around.

After the quaking stopped, it took me a long time to find the kittens, peeking out at me from under the futon in my office, with a quizzical and hurt look on their faces, as if they were saying, “What did we do? Why did you make the house shake like that? Whatever it is, we’re sorry and we’ll never do it again!” Which lets you know how traumatized they were, because cats rarely if ever make such a promise.