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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Alexa’s Valentine’s Day Pick Up Lines

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Alexa, the Amazon Echo device, has a few computerized pickup lines — that may or may not work on your lover this Valentine’s Day.  Can she charm Jersey Joe?

THE 411

What: Alexa love and romance skills

For: skills for Amazon Echo personal assistant smart device

Cost: free


The vast amount of skills that are available for Alexa (the Amazon Echo device) is amazing.  More and more skills are being developed every day.  As more fun skills are available for this smart device, you can look forward to seeing more on my web show!

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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] No Flirting Law

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Jersey Joe uncovers the US state where it’s illegal to flirt in public.  Violators are subject to fine.

THE 411

What: No Flirting Law

Type: blue law

State: New York


If you know someone who get’s a ticket for this — please let me know.  I’ll even cover their $25 fine!

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