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[Should I See It] – Nicolas Cage Facebook Movie

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It’s been a busy last few weeks and I didn’t get a chance to catch any new(ish) flicks opening near you. Sorry about that. I’ve working on a project and something else happened…what was it?

"Pete, do you think your 'rah rah' style will ever work in the NFL?"

“Pete, do you think your ‘rah rah’ style will ever work in the NFL?”

Oh right, that.

I did, however, get multiple opportunities to view a slew of personal Facebook movies. Congrats on everyone’s ability to conceive and wear crazy hats. Sadly, I have neither of the two to offer and as much as I enjoy slide shows of the pompous personalized license plates in my neighborhood, I figured it’s best not to push that on anyone else. Instead, I decided to create a Facebook movie for someone far more interesting. Nicolas “NOT THE BEES!” Cage.

Journey with me now as we take a trip down social media memory lane with the greatest actor ever to punch a woman while wearing a bear costume.