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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] 13 Foods Cardiologists Never Eat

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Jersey Joe explores 13 common foods that cardiologists avoid.  Are some of your favorites on the list?

THE 411

What: 13 foods cardiologists never eat

For: lunch, dinner, breakfast, snacks

Why: harmful to the human body in large quantities


It’s always good to cut back on the bad foods in our diet.  Some of these really hit home, though.  Whether you’re trying to lose weight or not – at least this list gives us all something to think about.

fried chicken pieces

[Images from the Id] – Sanity and Intellect and the New Year

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Canada Goose

Canada Goose

The psyche of the photographer can be a great challenge for himself or those around him, at least for this photographer.

I really pity those who live or work close to me. Every few years or so I have to try something new. To simplify the logic of this, let’s call these “lives”. I had many more than a cat. The photography life has lasted much longer, 30 years, than most. A tribute to its versatility.

For examples, playing the banjo. About seven or eight years ago, as we walked through a music store, my wife commented, how fun it would be to play the banjo. Now one thing you need to realize, my wife is into music, teaching performing for many years. I am into music too, which another part of this discussion (attention span?) It is among the “thousands” of lives I have lived. To get on with it, within a week I had a banjo and was into Bluegrass music. The first of seven banjos. Because of a previous life of playing a mediocre but pretty advanced guitar, within a few weeks I was playing a decent Five String banjo and jamming with intermediate players. Most of my family made every attempt to discourage anything to do with Bluegrass Music. My son, the classical guitarist, would give me one of those smirky smiles and at least mentally head for the door. My wife’s usual approach to was to encourage me and hope that it didn’t destroy my finances or in this case damage her ears. She never pushed me to the garage which many wives do. Several things came from this obsession. First, an expensive collection of banjos. More on that later. Second, a feud with a very famous 5-string picker who just before giving me an Outstanding Jam Picker Award publicly embarrassed me because of my sinus problem which to him him was public nose “picking”. My feelings lean toward the old adage “walk a mile in his shoes” but in this case it has more to do with sinuses. non-sufferers will never understand.  Third was an arthritic right thumb. Bluegrass requires a lot of power. Fourth, an appreciation of participation. Bluegrass is popular because anyone can play it and just about everyone who listens to it does play it. Fifth, you lose money when you trade banjos for camera lenses.

I still love the twang of the strings and the rhythm but I again found my old flame the camera. I love the sound of the click of the shutter. I like the result and producing something myself and others can call art. I like the recognition of the awards and producing something other actually say they like.

So here’s Some New Years Resolutions for you to consider.

Try to use the controls on your camera- Get off Automatic – Keep the beat

Do not give anyone a picture with a bad white balance – Tune the banjo

Make something common look uncommon –  Listen to Béla Fleck

Work harder to get better results – There are many pickers but few Earl Scruggs.

JOIN a local photography club and compete – Jam sessions are fun and teach faster than sitting around