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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe LIVE] Ride on the Circus Circus Tram Reno

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Jersey Joe takes a ride on the Circus Circus tram LIVE at the Circus Circus hotel & casino in Reno, Nevada and chats live in this special rebroadcast.

THE 411

What: tram ride

Where: Reno, Nevada

Hotel: Circus Circus Reno

Why: connects distant hotel towers at Circus Circus hotel & casino

Hotel opened: 1978



I love how the executives and contractors at Circus Circus found a novel solution to a problem.  They took the fact that they had a distant hotel tower and turned that negative into a positive by adding two mechanical trams that add to the tourist experience.

Hotels and vacation resorts are everywhere and it’s up to the marketers to make each of these destinations fun and unique.  Circus Circus has done a fantastic job of that.  Most of the other hotel and casinos in Reno are the same, but this place has definitely figured out how to capitalize on many unique offerings, including their midway and circus acts, to stand out from the rest.  I will DEFINITELY be back!

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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Do You Tip the Hotel Maid?

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Do you tip housekeeping when you stay at a hotel? See the surprises Jersey Joe gets when he does!

Hotel maids are experts when it comes to cleaning.  They have tips and tricks to turn a large number of rooms quickly.  Take a look at their cart for example.  They have everything they need within arm’s reach.

You can also use some of their tips to improve your cleaning at home.

  1. They clean the clutter first – it’s easier to turn a room with a blank slate.
  2. They prefer microfiber cloths – but in a pinch an old t-shirt or pillow case
  3. Always turn a bed sheet so the tags are at the bottom.  The tags can help you figure out which is the longer and shorter end of the sheet.
  4. Whack the drapes with a hard towel.  That will loosen the dust, then you can vacuum it up with the rest of the room.
  5. Vacuum before you mop
  6. Vacuum the high traffic areas first, then hit them a second time as you do the rest of the room.
  7. Clean the bathroom last – it minimizes the transfer of bacteria
  8. Some cleaners take several minutes to work. Read the bottle.  But, spray down the shower and toilet, go clean something else, then go back after several minutes to the let cleaner do it’s work.
  9. White vinegar and water is the best cleaner
  10. Always have a toothbrush on hand for the tough spots
  11. Make yourself a little version of a hotel room cleaning cart.

THE 411

Name: Hotel maids and housekeepers

What: they clean hotel rooms daily

Location: hotels and motels around the world


Like I said in my blog, I try to tip each one $5 per night.  Most will restock the room shampoos and soaps, whether I need them or not.

My other hotel advice is to always make sure you have the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door.  Some of these workers can start as early as 8am and could be pounding on your door, hours before check out!


[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Las Vegas Quiz 2

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Jersey Joe checks out more funny sights from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Since gambling was first legalized in Vegas, back in 1931… the city has been a non-stop show with millions of tourists flocking to the casinos, shows, and attractions yearly.  Vegas has taken a different turn recently by adding more non-gambling attractions.  Along with the glitz and glamour of the casinos, the city has evolved into a restaurant and entertainment mecca.

THE 411

What: Las Vegas, Nevada

Gambling legalized: 1931

Location: tourist destination

City Population: 583,756 (as of 2010)


Still one of my favorite places to visit.