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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Google Maps Quiz 3

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Jersey Joe explores more hilarious images captured by the Google Maps Street View camera.


THE 411

What: Google street view

Purpose: online search tool

Launched: 2007


There have to be thousands of more hilarious images of people doing crazy things on Google Maps.  They regularly update the images, so some may end up lost to time.  If you see any — shoot me a message on twitter @JerseyJoe50 and let’s share them with everyone!

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Who’s to Blame for Stop Signs?

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Who invented the stop sign?  Which city was the first to install one?  Jersey Joe has all you ever wanted to know and more about these octagon wonders that you find on roads and streets, all over the world.

Stop signs have been controlling traffic since 1915.  While automobile traffic was lighter back then, many city streets were jammed with trains, horses, carriages, and pedestrians.  All fighting for the right of way.  It was clear that something had to be done and thanks to Detroit, the stop sign was born,


THE 411

Name: stop sign

What: traffic control device

Located: at street corners and intersections internationally

First erected: Detroit, 1915


A stop sign posted in San Juan, Puerto Rico.



Doing this blog over the years, I can honestly say I’ve learned a thing or two and here’s another example.  I had no idea that stop signs were eight sided to indicate the level of danger on a highway.  I guess we’ve come to take these things for granted and I couldn’t image our streets today without one.

Now, if we can only create an invention for those people who love to run right through these!

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Elevator Races

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Jersey Joe and his friend Simon embark on an elevator race at the World Trade Center PATH train station.  Place your bets — who do you think will win?

After being destroyed in the September 11, 2011 terrorist attacks, the World Trade Center PATH station reopened offering train service between New York City and Jersey City and Newark, New Jersey on November 23, 2003.  The second station was only to serve as a temporary station, utilizing the same design footprint and style as the original station.

Plans were quickly drawn up for a spectacular new station, that will serve as a tourist attraction and showplace of Lower Manhattan.  The new transit hub, currently under construction, will once again connect PATH trains with New York City subway trains, without commuters ever having to go upstairs into the elements.  Part of this new transit hub will include shops, restaurants, bars, news stands, and more for the thousands of commuters that will use this station on a daily basis.

The entire project is expected to open in 2015, but for now two small parts are open.  Those being a walkway that connects the PATH trains to Brookfield Place and ferries and Track 1, which serves commuters arriving and bound for Hoboken, New Jersey.  While work continues, all trains will often use this single track.

THE 411

What: World Trade Center Transportation Hub

Purpose: to connect PATH trains with New York City subway

Location: New York City

Open: PATH Track 1 trains from Hoboken to New York City

Open Since: 2014

Link to more information:


It’s not often that you find two glass elevators like this back to back, where you can have a race!

What is open of the station, so far, is really spectacular, but WAY over budget.  I just hope that somehow, all of this money flying out of my pocket to ride the PATH and support this station’s reconstruction, will be worth it in the end.