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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] 20 Questions or Pie in the Face

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Jersey Joe and Alexa, the Amazon Echo device play a game of 20 questions.  If she can figure out the mystery item, Jersey Joe will have to take a pie in the face.  But, if she does not, he gets to enjoy a succulent dessert!

THE 411

What: Alexa 20 questions skill

For: fun game for Amazon Echo personal assistant smart device

Cost: free


This is just another in the large list of skills, available for the Amazon Echo device.  You know how I love game shows!  This skill was perfect to turn the skill into a game.  Should I be daring and try another round?

20 questions or pie icon

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Christmas Fun Facts

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Jersey Joe checks out some hilarious Christmas fun facts from past and present.

The first evidence of Christmas being celebrated is 354 AD in Rome.

THE 411

What: Christmas Day

Date: December 25th

Why: annual celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ


Definitely my favorite time of year.  New York City absolutely sparkles during the season and all the lights and decorations, almost give the city a feeling of magic… sounds like the old song Silver Bells, doesn’t it!

Make sure you take some time and visit with your family and friends during the season.  If you’re far away from family like me, that’s what social media and Skype is for!

Let me take this moment to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and hope that the fun of the season carries you all year long.  At least for me — the extra calories do!!!!