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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Caption This 13

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From crazy mannequins on the street to a thunderstorm over a cup of coffee, Jersey Joe crowns the latest winners of Caption This!

THE 411

Name: Caption This

What: online Twitter and Facebook game on @JerseyJoe50’s feed



Keep and eye on my Twitter feed for another edition.  Also, join me for MATCH JERSEY JOE GAME – every Wednesday afternoon.  Let’s have some fun on social media!


[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Recap: Blizzard 2016

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Blizzard 2016 is now over and left New York City and Jersey City, New Jersey buried in over 2 feet of snow, nearly smashing a record.  Jersey Joe took his camera out for a live show in the heart of the blizzard and brings you the highlights in this special episode of his video blog web show.

The blizzard left New York City with 26.8 inches of snow, just 0.1 inch shy of the all time record that was set in February 2006.  A travel ban went into effect and all above ground subway and train service was halted at 2pm Saturday, ahead of the heart of the storm.  Mass transit is set to resume full service on Monday, January 25th, while airports have already reopened earlier in the day on Sunday.

THE 411

What: blizzard 2016

Storm name: Jonas

Total snowfall: New York City – 26.8 inches


Always use your head when a storm approaches.  Stock up with the appropriate supplies you need, sit at home, and wait it out.  Only venture out if the conditions are safe.  While I had scaffolding and large buildings to shield under, when the snow starts whipping — those ice pellets really hurt!


[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Does Beer Freeze?

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The Eastern seaboard of the United States is currently locked in a 20 year deep freeze.  Cities up and down the coast are locked into the coldest temperatures they have experienced in over two decades.

We’ve all heard the myth that boiling hot water will instantly freeze in temperatures under 32° and scientists have proved that — but what about beer?  Alcohol has a lower freezing temperature.

Watch what happens as Jersey Joe and his friends test out boiling hot water and an ice cold beer in 4° temperatures.

THE 411

What: Does beer freeze under freezing temperatures

Freezing temperature: 32° F

Type of beer: Miller Lite

Location: Jersey City, New Jersey


The East Coast is certainly locked in a deep freeze right now.  It’s been over two decades, since temperatures have fallen this low along the Eastern seaboard.  It was a cold night out… so we had a little fun. Check it out… maybe my friends and I could be of use to an elementary school science experiment or something…