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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] One World Observatory

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Jersey Joe checks out the observation deck, One World Observatory on top of One World Trade Center in New York City.

THE 411

What: One World Observatory

Where: top of One World Trade Center

Location: New York City

Purpose: observation deck, tourist attraction

Floors: 100-102


This is a great tourist attraction in New York City.  I never got to visit the original World Trade Center before it was destroyed, but I’m glad this is open to once again allow visitors a chance to experience the view.

There are a couple of things to remember… first, expect airport style security.  They check everything going in.  It is exactly the same security as you would expect at the airport.  The only difference — you are not required to take off your shoes, but everything else is the same. Hats, jackets, belts… they are all coming off!

Secondly, if you want to visit the bar or restaurant, you must purchase an observatory ticket.  There is no way around this.  So, don’t expect to just ride an elevator for a view just to go to the bar — you’re paying for the full experience.

The World Trade Center area is still a construction site.  As of this post, there are still massive areas of construction and the main transportation hub for the PATH and subways is still not complete.  Expect to find many temporary walkways and partially opened entrances at this time.


[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe LIVE] Ride the Ferry to New York City

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Jersey Joe and his friend Jen, ride the ferry from New Jersey to New York City and chat with viewers live in this special rebroadcast.

THE 411

What: New York Waterways ferry

Where: Paulus Hook, Jersey City, New Jersey to World Financial Center, New York Citu

Cost: $4 per passenger, weekend fare


It’s not every city that offers mass transit in the form of a ferry.  For a different view of New York City, I recommend taking a ferry.  It especially works well on a nice Spring or Summer day.  The ride on the water gives passengers a unique view of New York City and the city skyline.  The best part is, tickets can be booked at the terminal or via smartphone app that saves a massive amount of time.  If you’re looking for a truly locals experience to the city… give a ferry ride a try!