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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Jersey Joe’s 100th Episode – 300th Blog!

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Jersey Joe takes a look back at 100 episodes of his web show, KICKING BACK WITH JERSEY JOE and 300 blogs on!

THE 411

Title: Kicking Back with Jersey Joe

What: online web show and weekly blog

Where: &

Number of episodes: 100


Thanks to everyone who checks out my show and blog every week.  I love to read your comments about the show – so feel free to reach me anytime @JerseyJoe50 on twitter.

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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] UFOs Over New York City and More!

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UFO’s over New York City? That’s not all!  Jersey Joe features 3 never before seen photos and videos of UFOs, including his close encounter over the Pennsylvania countryside.

THE 411

What: UFO

Stand for: Unidentified Flying Objects

Years spotted: 1998, 2012, 2013


I honestly have no idea what these flying crafts are, but I made sure to capture my 2 on camera.  With everyone having a smart phone now, there’s no reason not to take a quick shot when you see something out of the ordinary.  Then, you can upload it to Twitter or YouTube and share your story.  Who knows – maybe others have just seen the exact same thing!

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fails

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Have you been called out yet to take the ALS ice bucket challenge?  It’s the new in-thing sweeping across social media.  Everyone from athletes to celebrities are recording videos of themselves dumping an ice cold bucket of water over their heads to raise funds to fight Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  While the whole thing is based on good intentions, but some of these videos don’t go so well.


YouTube has been flooded with videos of people taking the challenge.  Many have tried to one up another by having fire trucks or even helicopters dump the water on them.  As you can imagine, not all of these stunts go as planned.  Even the basic dumping of water from a bucket has had a few hilarious consequences.  Let’s take a look at some of the ALS ice bucket challenge fails…



Lou Gehrig’s Disease, known as ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a motor neuron disease, which caused the person affected to lose basic motor control.  It causes muscle weakness, trouble speaking, trouble swallowing, and trouble breathing.  Most people affected usually die from the disease in about 39 months.  More than 5,600 are diagnosed in the United States every year and it affects 2 out of every 100,000 people.


The ice bucket challenge is designed to raise funds for research against the disease.  The challenge has so far raised $41.8 million in donations from July 28 – August 21.  They raised $10 million on August 21st alone!  The fundraiser is smashing all kinds of records.  (ALS earned $63 million in donations for all of 2013) and continues to grow.


THE 411


Name: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


What: viral video campaign to raise funds for Lou Gehrig’s Disease research


Suggested cost: $10 if you dump the bucket of ice, $100 if not


Time: participants challenged are to complete their challenge within 24 hours




The ice bucket challenge is a great idea, but I just hope that it doesn’t take away from other charitable organizations that are trying to raise funds.  Whether you choose to participate or not, charitable donation is up to the individual giver.  It’s up to you – where you decide your money goes.

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] When Whales Explode…

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Over the years, I’ve featured all kinds of “caught on tape” blogs.  Well, this week is only for those who have a strong stomach!  When a whale dies at sea, it usually washes ashore on a beach somewhere and causes quite a stink.  It’s the job of local authorities to remove these giant animals before things really get bad.  Well, take a look at these videos (WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE) and think of this the next time you have a bad day at work!


Whales are some of the largest creatures to inhabit our planet’s oceans.  Ranging in size from 11 feet to 200 tons, the average life span is 77 years, but they can live well past the century mark.  While known as a gentile giant, these creatures were nearly hunted into extinction, with 2 million being killed during the 20th century.  Now, only a few countries are still on the hunt, while most have given up in hopes of growing the population.  Whalers hunted them for oil, meat, and to make perfume out of their intestines.  The issue of whale hunting was the subject for the time travel film, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.


Sadly, after the long lives come to and end, many wash up on shore.  If not taken care of, they begin to decompose in only two days.  Who would want to be next to that giant stinky mess?  After they pass, their stomach and intestines fill with gas.  (Think of how you feel after eating a bloating meal!)


The following video was recorded last November in the Faroe Islands.  The Faroe Islands are about 200 miles northwest of Scotland with a population of about 50,000.  While under Danish rule, the island is self governed and prohibit whale hunting.  Therefore, the whale in the video was not hunted and died of natural causes.


I feel bad for this guy who had to go in and dissect the carcass for removal.  He gets quite a surprise!


WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE.  This did air on Faroe national TV across the island.



Since being posted, the video has scored over 4 million hits.


This is not the first time a whale explosion has been caught on camera.  Back in November 1980, KATU News in Portland, Oregon was there as another whale washed ashore.  This time, town officials decided to blow it up with dynamite in a huge public spectacle… which quickly goes wrong.  WARNING: MORE GRAPHIC FOOTAGE taken from the original newscast.



Another video that has scored over 3 million hits.


THE 411


What: exploding whales caught on tape


Why: pressure builds up in whale stomach and intestines after death




These videos are kind of crazy!  I think we’ve all learned not to cut into a dead whale.  It’s amazing (and a little educational) how the build up of gas inside can cause such an explosion.  The pressure was enough to destroy a car in the parking lot!  How do you explain that to your insurance company?


Judging by the millions who have viewed these videos, just about anything can become a trending topic on the web.

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Judge Joe Brown: Retired & Liquored Up

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For 15 seasons, Judge Joe Brown’s court kept law and order on daytime television.  His clean cut, down home approach had zero tolerance for thugs and low lifes.  After decades holding court both on and off television, Judge Joe has retired and a video you’re about to see is quite the change from his clean cut image.


Judge Joe Brown was born in 1947 and is a retired Shelby County, Tennessee judge.  After years of holding court, he was thrown into the national spotlight after presiding over James Earl Ray’s last appeal in the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.  He was removed from the case after making comments about the murder weapon to a local congresswoman.  It was then; he caught the eye of producers of the hottest court show on television, Judge Judy.



Judy’s producers noticed the unique way Joe operated his court room. He would listen intently for the facts of the case, picking up on subtitle facts, facial expressions, and mannerisms from the litigants.  Once he was sure he found the guilty party, he would zero in with his down home, no-nonsense approach, and often try to instruct them on where they’ve gone wrong and what to do to put economy in the community instead of being, what he would often say, “a damn fool.”



Judge Joe Brown’s television series was launched as a companion show to Judge Judy on September 14, 1998.  His main tagline: “protecting womanhood and promoting manhood.”  The show was a ratings success and was recorded in the same studio, with a set located directly behind the back wall of Judge Judy’s, at the Sunset-Bronson Studios in Hollywood.


While Judge Joe scored moderate ratings in daytime syndicated television, during the 15th season, his ratings took a slide, and he was informed by CBS, the show’s distribution company, that he would be taking a pay cut.  (He was the second highest paid TV judge, earning $20 million per year.)


Judge Joe was not satisfied with this (and reported pay cut down to $5 million per year) and his show was cancelled in spring 2012, with new episodes airing until June and reruns until September.


Since leaving TV, it looks like Judge Joe has been living the good life and enjoying his much deserved retirement.  But, in the day of cell phone cameras, people still know his as a celebrity and a video that’s turned up on YouTube, shows a much different version of the clean cut Judge.


Take a look at him having one too many double Bombay Sapphires resulting in some slurred speech, posing for photos with women, and having a few foul mouth words about his former TV show.  Note: Viewer discretion advised.



Is Judge Joe done being on television.  “I don’t do that bullshit, anymore…” seems to answer that question.


THE 411


Who: Judge Joe Brown


What: former television judge


Number of seasons on television: 15




As long as he’s not getting behind the wheel drinking and driving, let him enjoy his retirement.  Everyone loses control when they’ve had a few too many (I’m not judging), just most of us are not on national television.  Video like that is gold to the paparazzi.  But hey, Judge Joe Brown is retired and doesn’t seem to care!


I also got a laugh at this parody of the Judge Joe video:


[Parrot News] Parrot Races Dog. Yeah, You Heard Me.

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If you read Parrot News regularly (which, I admit, would be much easier to do if I bothered to write it) you know I hate birds. And, while I don’t think I’ve ever expressed this opinion (which makes it one of only three that I haven’t expressed – the other two being my paradoxical love of Rice Krispie treats and dislike of marshmallows. I’m soooo deep! It’s totes cray. I promise to never, ever say that again.) I doubt it will come as a shock to hear that I don’t really like cutesy animal videos unless they were directed by Alfred Hitchcock. But even Tippi Hedren couldn’t hate the little yellow bird in this video unless of course it was dead and stuffed and thrown at her over and over again by sadistic PA’s for a solid week until she gave the perfect “terrified” response while Hitchcock looked on eating greasy fried chicken and said “just one more take, Tippi” in the most condescending way imaginable- in which case, sure, I could see that she might start to hate it- but, otherwise- there’s no way even she could resist the charms of this plucky yellow parrot and you won’t either. You just have to watch the video and see how it pulls itself up the stairs on woefully inadequate legs with great effort and determination like a T-Rex doing pushups or a border collie reading Great Expectations.
With its eyes focused on the summit like beadie little lasers, tail flipping ferociously from side to side like the useless rudder of little yellow boat the bird repeats over and over again one single mantra it its mind “This would be so much fucking easier if I could fucking fly. This would be so much fucking easier if I could fucking fly. THIS WOULD BE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUCKING EASIER IF I COULD FUCKING FLY”
Finally- with the summit in sight and success within the grasp of its tallons, the bird breathes deep the thin mountain air of the second floor and prepares for victory- when it’s cruel mistress, perhaps channeling a the vengeful spirit of Tippi Hedren who’s not actually dead but shut up, releases the DOG. Before you can say “parrots are icky” the little white fluff ball bounds up the steps effortlessly on four REALLY, REALLY GOOD LEGS and humiliates the parrot by reaching the top of the steps first and easily winning a race that, let’s keep it real, neither animal knew they were actually running.
And don’t feel guilty when watching this video. The owner isn’t some sadistic bitch who clipped the wings off a bird and then made it run up a flight of stairs for her sick amusement (although admittedly that is amusing. HA! Crippled bird’s gotta use it’s puny legs. HA HA! That’s like a pole vaulting midget.). Nope- she’s just a lonely woman with an absurd amount of time on her hands who trained a bird with two perfectly good wings to run up a flight of stairs on its scrawny little useless legs and then has it run a race it can’t possibly win against a dog. Which…I guess sort of makes her a sadistic bitch after all. And sad. Very very sad.. Hmmm. Oh well. Enjoy!

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Cats vs. Christmas

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Hot off the success of my Dogs vs. Elevators blog, only on a much more lighthearted note for Christmas, we have hilarious videos of cats taking on Christmas.


Sure, cats love to climb trees, but when they were domesticated centuries ago, no one had planned ahead for the holiday season.  Who cares… bring on the funny videos!


They’ve worked hours and spent lots of money on a beautiful tree, meticulously decorated with white lights and matching garland… that’s until this kitty gets a hold of it!



This cat is ticked off, when it ends up stuck in the tree tangled in Christmas light wires.  Remember this on your next bad day at the office!



Here’s another cat stuck in the tree… and this one is not going to allow the owners to remove him without serious injury!



These cats are about to get a surprise when this singing Christmas tree is activated!



Cats were originally thought to have been domesticated by the ancient Egyptians in which they were regarded as sacred animals.  Graves with humans and pet cats goes back as far as 9,600 years.  I don’t think the ancient Egyptians were thinking about cats and Christmas decorations all those years ago!


THE 411


What: Cats vs. Christmas trees


Info: Funny videos posted on Youtube




My family has always been cat owners.  I’ve seen our cats upset the Christmas tree, run away with the bulbs, eat tinsel, and even lick candy canes.  There’s a zillion videos on the web of cats destroying trees – I tried to find some of the more unique ones!


While Christmas trees are fun for you and I, they can be hazardous for cats.  Just keep and eye on them during the holiday season and train your pet to stay away from the tree, if possible.  I know, easier said than done.  But, what might be a fun night our for your cat, if they eat the wrong thing, you have a good chance of ending up with a high veterinarian bill!


And now just for fun – a Jersey Joe holiday bonus!  See what happens when Keifer Sutherland – aka Jack Bauer from 24, tangles with a Christmas tree in a hotel lobby!  You pretty much know Jack Bauer is going to win!