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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Caption This 10

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Get ready to laugh!  Jersey Joe crowns the winners with the funniest captions to these outrageous pics in the latest round of Caption This.  Plus, see who’s on top of the leaderboard with the most funniest captions in the first ten rounds!

THE 411

Name: Caption This

What: online Twitter and Facebook game on @JerseyJoe50’s feed



Keep and eye on my Twitter feed for another edition.  Also, join me for MATCH JERSEY JOE GAME – every Wednesday afternoon.  Let’s have some fun on social media!


[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Year 5 Round Up

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Jersey Joe updates some for the great fun we had during the fourth year of KICKING BACK WITH JERSEY JOE.

THE 411


Name: Kicking Back with Jersey Joe


What: weekly blog on


Time: new editions post Thursday at Noon Eastern / 9am Pacific




Thanks again for all your support and for checking out my blog.  I love how we get to chat like this each week.  As always, feel free to comment below each post or reach out to me on twitter @jerseyjoe5

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] UFOs Over New York City and More!

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UFO’s over New York City? That’s not all!  Jersey Joe features 3 never before seen photos and videos of UFOs, including his close encounter over the Pennsylvania countryside.

THE 411

What: UFO

Stand for: Unidentified Flying Objects

Years spotted: 1998, 2012, 2013


I honestly have no idea what these flying crafts are, but I made sure to capture my 2 on camera.  With everyone having a smart phone now, there’s no reason not to take a quick shot when you see something out of the ordinary.  Then, you can upload it to Twitter or YouTube and share your story.  Who knows – maybe others have just seen the exact same thing!