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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Caption This 10

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Get ready to laugh!  Jersey Joe crowns the winners with the funniest captions to these outrageous pics in the latest round of Caption This.  Plus, see who’s on top of the leaderboard with the most funniest captions in the first ten rounds!

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Name: Caption This

What: online Twitter and Facebook game on @JerseyJoe50’s feed



Keep and eye on my Twitter feed for another edition.  Also, join me for MATCH JERSEY JOE GAME – every Wednesday afternoon.  Let’s have some fun on social media!


[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Jersey Joe’s 100th Episode – 300th Blog!

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Jersey Joe takes a look back at 100 episodes of his web show, KICKING BACK WITH JERSEY JOE and 300 blogs on!

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Title: Kicking Back with Jersey Joe

What: online web show and weekly blog

Where: &

Number of episodes: 100


Thanks to everyone who checks out my show and blog every week.  I love to read your comments about the show – so feel free to reach me anytime @JerseyJoe50 on twitter.

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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Year 6 Round Up

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Jersey Joe has new information on several blogs from the past season.


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Name: Kicking Back with Jersey Joe

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Thanks again for all your support and for checking out my blog.  I love how we get to chat like this each week.  As always, feel free to comment below each post or reach out to me on twitter @jerseyjoe50

season 2 round up

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Jersey Joe’s 50 Show & 250 Blog Celebration

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Jersey Joe celebrates 50 episodes of KICKING BACK WITH JERSEY JOE and 250 editions of his online blog!

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What: Kicking Back with Jersey Joe

Type: blog and video blog

Number of episodes: 50 video – 250 blog

Premiere: September 19, 2014 (web show) May 31, 2010 (blog)

Website: you’re on it!

50 episodes


Thanks for watching the show and reading my words, each and every week!  Please keep your thoughts and comments coming.  I love sharing and making them part of the fun!  See you next week!

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Year 5 Round Up

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Jersey Joe updates some for the great fun we had during the fourth year of KICKING BACK WITH JERSEY JOE.

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Name: Kicking Back with Jersey Joe


What: weekly blog on


Time: new editions post Thursday at Noon Eastern / 9am Pacific




Thanks again for all your support and for checking out my blog.  I love how we get to chat like this each week.  As always, feel free to comment below each post or reach out to me on twitter @jerseyjoe5

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Exploring an Abandoned Casino

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Jersey Joe explores an abandoned casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, that’s been walled off for years.

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What: The Claridge Hotel

Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey

Opened: 1929



Since The Claridge Hotel became their own separate hotel, after being sold by Bally’s, the building is in the middle of an amazing transformation.  Aside from the renovations to the former casino space, they are renovating several floors of rooms, and continue to add more amenities and many restaurants and bars are planned.  I remember playing here during the casino days and always thought the building had a very grand feeling to it.  It’s nice to see that the property is in good hands and I look forward to seeing what else they have in store.  I really do with them the best of luck.  With all of the hotel towers that have closed in AC — the town REALLY NEEDS the Claridge.

[Why Watch This- Retro Movie Reviews]- Atlantic City

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windowAtlantic City (released in the US in 1981), directed by Louis Malle, is a terrific movie that leaves you wishing for another hour with these characters. It stars Susan Sarandon as Sally, a woman from Saskatchewan Canada, who now lives in Atlantic City. The movie opens with her neighbor Lou (played by Burt Lancaster) watching Sally through their facing windows as she performs a nightly ritual of rubbing lemon juice on her skin and washing it off. Lou used to be a small time hood for the mob. He used to protect the wife of the boss. His big story is he shared a cell with Bugsy Siegel.

Sally is trying to make a better life for herself; she is working at the seafood counter at a buffet in one of the casinos. But Sally wants a more; she is taking classes to become a coupier and dreams of moving to Monaco. She listens to opera and French language lessons on her little portable radio which she carries around in her purse.lou

However, things go awry for Sally when her husband shows up in town. We had previously met Dave (played by Robert Joy) when he had stolen a small package of drugs from a phone booth. With Dave comes Sally’s pregnant sister Chrissie (played by Hollis McLaren). Sally is obviously angry, Dave had messed things up for her in Las Vegas and then knocked up her sister and took off. Atlantic City is a new start lou and davefor Sally, a new chance and she doesn’t want Dave and Chrissie around.

She lets them stay one night in her apartment and then runs off to her coupier class. Dave goes off in search of a connection to sell the stolen drugs to and runs into Lou who helps him. Things don’t go so well for Dave and Lou ends up with the cash, the drugs and the connection to sell them.

Lou is revitalized by the circumstances and buys himself a snazzy new suit. He is a big shot with the shoe shine guy he meets in the bathroom, the two knew each other “back when,” and Lou tips him big. Things take a turn for the worse when the men who Dave stole the drugs from come after Sally and Lou.

Malle got the funding to make Atlantic City in 1979 with the stipulation that he complete filming by the end of 1979. He cast his girlfriend at the time, Susan Sarandon, who suggested her playwright friend John Guare to write the screenplay. Guare suggested setting the story in Atlantic City, and Malle created a fascinating time capsule of the city as the old buildings fell and the new ones began. They started filming at the end of October, and finished by December 31st.dave

You don’t have to dig too deep for the metaphor in Atlantic City. In 1979, when this movie was made, Atlantic City was going through revitalization. Legalizing gambling was their solution to urban decay, and Malle does a great job showing the old and the new. Sally’s apartmeposter2nt is half boarded up and due for demolition. The casino where she works is 1979 swanky, all red velvet and mirrors. So, right, metaphor time? Everyone’s got dreams—Sally is going to be a coupier in Monaco, Lou used to be a big time hood, and is the great protector who can save Sally from the men who are after her, Sally is an intriguing mystery in the window rubbing lemon juice on her arms, and Atlantic City is gonna make it this time. And when reality sets in and things don’t work out so well? They adjust.

endI was highly disappointed that as a movie funded by French and Canadian studios and directed by none other than Louis Malle himself, Atlantic City had an almost hopeful ending. And in 1979, the city, like the movie, had all sorts of reasons to be optimistic. Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal was in their future. When I lived in New York I used to love to go to Atlantic City, it was the cheapest weekend getaway I could afford. As I watched this film,  I found myself eating up the locations, looking for something familiar. I was delighted when they filmed a scene in the iconic White House sub shop. Little did they know what would happen in 30 years? But don’t feel bad for Atlantic City, it’s due for re-revitalization soon.

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] The Final Moments of the Sands Casino Atlantic City

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It becomes a big deal when a legendary casino shuts down and in just a few days, another will fold up in Atlantic City.  It got me thinking back to the night in 2006, when I was there for the final roll of their old Sands casino.  It’s kind of a surreal moment to be there when security pushes everyone out the door.


The hotel tower of the Sands Atlantic City

The hotel tower of the Sands Atlantic City

On that night, I had my old cell phone, and did my best to document the final moments of the casino.  I caught on camera everything from the final blackjack bets to the employees saying good bye.  I uploaded these to the web years ago, but decided it was time to take another look back at that historic moment caught in time.


The Atlantic City Sands casino opened on August 31, 1980 as the Brighten Hotel & Casino at the corner of Indiana Avenue and Brighten Park.  Shortly after opening, it was bought along with the Las Vegas Sands and was officially renamed the Sands Casino Hotel Atlantic City to cash in on the famous “Rat Pack” name.


The resort featured 532 rooms in a 21 story hotel tower.  The casino was 2 levels, with a 3rd floor restaurant area.  After opening and become a sister to the Las Vegas property, it attracted big name entertainers including Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Cher, Whitney Houston, and more.


Inside the people mover that connected the Atlantic City Boardwalk, Sands Casino, and Claridge Casino.

Inside the people mover that connected the Atlantic City Boardwalk, Sands Casino, and Claridge Casino.

While the resort was set back from the famous Boardwalk, a block long people mover was constructed featuring three Dunlop moving belts to take people directly inside either the Sands or neighboring Claridge Casino.  The belt was kind of springy and you could actually bounce up and down a bit on it.


The flashy exterior of the Sands Atlantic City at night.

The flashy exterior of the Sands Atlantic City at night.

The Sands was quickly surpassed by the newer resorts that opened in town and went bankrupt in 1998.  The property block was purchased by Pinnacle Entertainment, with their own plans to demolish the resort, and create their own $1.5 billion mega-resort known as Pinnacle Atlantic City.  They erected billboards all around town advertising their coming and gave Sands employees 60 days lay off notice in September.


My friends Simon, Chris, and I decided to be there for the Sands final night and with my old fashioned camera phone in tow.  We arrived around 10pm and the place certainly wasn’t a ghost town.  In fact, it was quite packed.  In the madness, I tried to snap as many phone shots as possible and here’s what I captured that night.  I apologize in advance for some of the blurry photos.


From the people-mover, the O in casino had lost part of its covering.  Nobody cares; this will be the last time this sign is lit.


To access the Sands, you had to take a sharp right after the second long belt on the people mover.  You would then descend down a high flyover ramp, decorated in white and blue K-Mart rope lights.  The next day, this flyover was sealed with a temporary wood partition.  Only a few weeks later, the entire people mover to the neighboring Claridge was closed.


After exiting the people mover flyover, you would descend down an escalator to the main floor of the casino.  There was a large atrium where a three story escalator would take hungry gamblers to the dining level. By the time we were there that night; only a small deli was still open.


It’s only 10pm, but this part of the casino floor was nearly dead… that will change as we delve further in.


Just steps from the door – this place is happening.  Gamblers are trying to make the most of every last second the Sands is open!


The band plays on at Swingers, a bar/nightclub that was located in the center of the casino floor.  Only 6 hours later, this place would be dead forever!


These signs were posted all around the properly informing players of the Sands closure.  These signs would be up for months after the doors were locked.


We took a quick walk outside to check out the impressive front facade of the building.  This was the final night for these signs and logo to be lit.  Within 7 months, all of these signs went up for auction, and what was left was bulldozed 9 months later.


We went back inside to play the slots.  Check this old machine out!  It’s a unique nickel slot that offers a gold watch as a prize!  Hit the right combination on the screen, push the button, and it’s yours.  Two of the watches were already gone at this point.  Too bad, they don’t have slots like these anymore!


We decided to explore the property a bit and came across this little used walkway to their hidden kids’ arcade.  It looks like they didn’t want kids anywhere near the casino floor!


Here is the last open place to get a bite to eat… a late night deli.  The Sands used to have a really neat themed buffet, where you sat on chairs that were designed to resemble the rolling chairs on the Boardwalk and the whole room was boardwalk/ocean themed.  I ate there once; it wasn’t bad from what I remember.


Nobody was around in the poker room on the last night!


We took a final ride from the 3rd floor dining area down the long escalators back o the casino floor.


We took a stroll up the Boardwalk to the Irish Pub and returned at about 4:30am.


We again circled the casino to find that many of the machines had already been taken offline, such as this machine at 4:41am.  There was quite a buzz floating around the floor as the casino had paid off many of their progressive jackpots earlier in the evening.  There were stories of quite a few gamblers who hit it big!


By 5:11am, lines were forming at the casino cages as many of the tables began to close.


By 5:20am, one by one the tables were closing.  Most of the staff began saying goodbye and swapping stories with one another.


By 5:21am, only two table games were available for play.  $25 baccarat and $250 blackjack!  The tables that were open now had rows of spectators.


…and at 5:22am, here’s one of the last blackjack tables that was open.


At 5:27am, I sat down at a still working Hollywood Squares slot machine.  At this point, security was walking around telling players to cash out.


…and at 5:35am – a big win!  My $20 turned into $186.50!  Thanks Sands!  A security guard stood next to me to finish my bonus round, then asked for a third and final time to leave the machine.  Seconds after I got up, an attendant disables the machine.


…at 5:37am one of the last blackjack tables still going strong.  At one point in the last years, the Sands had removed all of their table games.  Some players said that was the final nail in their coffin.  They brought them back not too long before closing.


One of the very last slot machines that was still online.  You can tell by the red lights on top, which machines are offline.


At 5:43am, here’s that Hollywood Squares machine I was playing… now locked off!


Another view of that great win!


Here’s a bank of disabled Price is Right nickel slot machines.  Funny, how the sign says TEMPORARILY OUT OF SERVICE.


Someone should take a Sharpie and change the sign to PERMANENTLY OUT OF SERVICE.  These machines were probably shipped to another casino.  I doubt they’re still in service in 2014!


…and at 5:46am here it is – the very last deal at the very last blackjack table.  An announcement is made over the intercom – the Sands Casino is now officially closed.  The woman won the last hand with a 20!


The staff says goodbye as security begins to usher patrons out of the building.  A series of rope barricades had been put up at the edges of the casino floor.  Once you crossed the line – you couldn’t get back in!  Local news crews were waiting outside.


More of the staff taking pictures, hugging, and saying goodbye.  There were still guests in the hotel rooms and they had to leave the building by 9am.


It’s now 5:54am, a look at one of the many security barriers in place.


Security ushering everyone out.


…and past the security barricade to the outside.  The casino is nearly empty and closed.  It’s 5:56am.


A cameraman from CBS 3 in Philadelphia takes some b-roll shots.


Another of the many signs announcing the casino’s closure.


A reporter from CBS 3 Philadelphia doing interviews.

It was $10 admission to get into the Sands Casino liquidation sale in 2007.

It was $10 admission to get into the Sands Casino liquidation sale in 2007.

7 months later, after the casino was officially closed, the entire property, and everything inside went up for sale at an auction.  I was able to check that out as well.  It was neat to walk through every nook and cranny of the place.  People were buying up everything. from old TV’s, to copper pipes, to hot tub parts, everything (except slots and table games, which were gone by this point) had a price tag on it.  I originally went there, hoping to score a deal on an HDTV, but those were gone early in the auction.  I did pick up a few small kitchen items: a serving dish, some wine glasses, and salad tongs!  Every room in the building was open to explore.  We even found a secret elevator that only went between the top three floors for high rollers to access their exclusive lounge.


Pinnacle made $31 million from the sale, including finding an additional $17,193.14 in found cash when the original slot machines were removed.


The entire property was imploded in a big Las Vegas style spectacle on October 18, 2007.  Numerous viewing parties lined the Boardwalk for the festivities.

After being the smallest Atlantic City casino when it closed, Pinnacle had big plans to open their mega-resort by 2012 at the latest.  Those plans never happened.  Shortly after the building was imploded, the housing bubble burst, and Pinnacle was no longer interested in opening in the AC market.  The site has sat vacant, except for an art installation, ever since.  In March 2013, Pinnacle sold the land to developer Boardwalk Piers who has plans to build another casino or a family friendly complex.


The Dizzy Dolphin video poker bar inside The Atlantic Club.

The Dizzy Dolphin video poker bar inside The Atlantic Club.

It was a fun time at the Sands that last night and now sadly, another Atlantic City casino is closing their doors.  The Atlantic Club Casino, at the very southern end of the Boardwalk, will shut down on January 13th.  The casino was originally built at the Golden Nugget and helped casino mogul Steve Wynn fund his Las Vegas empire.  The Atlantic Club is currently the smallest of the city’s casinos.


The Atlantic Club will be the third Atlantic City casino to ever close, after the original Playboy Casino/Trump World’s Fair site and the Sands.  The only portion of the original Sands that still remains is the adjacent Madison House Hotel that was once used as an overflow hotel tower and a parking garage.


THE 411


What: Sands Casino Hotel Atlantic City


Operating Dates: 1980-2006


Rooms: 532




Pinnacle made a mistake closing the Sands Atlantic City.  While they had big plans for their mega-resort, even the city’s newest resort Revel, is having trouble making a buck.


The Sands could have stayed on as a local’s casino and certainly had enough space to expand or re-brand.   Pinnacle should have waited until they had all the proper funding before imploding the place.  They could have at least flipped the property over to someone else.


It’s only a matter of time, until Atlantic City loses another of their smaller casinos and only time will tell what will happen to the Atlantic Club property after the doors are sealed in a few days.


Image credits – iirra, Laura Gomez, Mori Claudia, Cavalier92

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] New Jersey Antes Up to Online Gambling, But Not Without Glitches

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Real online casino games are now legal in New Jersey and two other states.

Real online casino games are now legal in New Jersey and two other states.

Last week, after days of beta testing, anyone inside the borders of New Jersey can lawfully sign on to one of the state’s 13 online casinos and place a bet.  While online gambling is seen as a boon to the state’s casino and tax wallets, the launch has not gone without technical difficulties.


Commercials advertising the online casinos have saturated TV stations, radio stations, mailboxes, and the internet.  Every time I sign onto Facebook, I see at least a couple of ads for the new casinos.


On November 26th at 12:01, 13 online casinos were allowed to start taking real money wagers inside New Jersey’s borders.  All 13 online casinos are connected to six real brick and mortar casinos in Atlantic City. AC has been losing gamblers for years, since neighboring states began opening casinos of their own a few years ago.  Now, each is legally allowed to open multiple online casinos and take a share of the profits.  Most have already affiliated with existing online casinos that were mostly barred from the US, after a silly law was passed and their domains seized by the feds in 2006.  While these operators couldn’t run sites in the US, they ran at full force overseas.


The Atlantic City skyline as seen in a recent episode of American Dad on FOX.

The Atlantic City skyline as seen in a recent episode of American Dad on FOX.

So far, three states in the US permit online gambling: Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey.  This is the first major expansion of gambling in the Garden State, since it was legalized in 1978.  Over 52,000 online accounts have been created since the beta test started and 5,000 being opened on Thanksgiving Day, alone.


The six casinos offering online gambling sites are:

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort

Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino

Tropicana Casino & Resort

Bally’s Atlantic City

Caesar’s Atlantic City


The Golden Nugget Atlantic City is working out some technical issues (rumored to involve social security numbers) that kept its license on ice.  They should be back online soon.


A game of online roulette in progress.

A game of online roulette in progress.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie expects online gambling to bring more than $1 billion to the state by July 1.  $160 million of that would directly go to the state in taxes.


The casino software uses geo-tracking to make sure the computer or mobile device is within the states borders.  If the software cannot verify the location, it will not permit any real wagers to be made.  Unfortunately a little known hiccup of this limits all wagering to be done on Wi-Fi networks.  No hard wire computers are able to make bets, since the location cannot be verified according to state law.


A typical error message players will see if they try to play from outside New Jersey's state borders.

A typical error message players will see if they try to play from outside New Jersey’s state borders.

When opening an account, the player is required to enter their name, address, social security number, and wireless phone number.  The wireless number is used to send verification texts to the account holder.  Another red flag happens to players who have multiple addresses which can cause the software to be unable to verify their location via a background check.


Since I live in the Garden State and have for years, I tried three different sites.  But, even I had a great deal of trouble signing on.


Star Trek online slot as featured in the Borgata online casino.

Star Trek online slot as featured in the Borgata online casino.



The casino that made Atlantic City hip has opened two online casinos, and  While both use the same account, two different software downloads are required to play.  Borgata does offer a few games to play directly on their web sites, downloading the software gives access to more games and richer graphics.


Borgata has partnered with IGT Gaming (a legend in the business and their games are all over casino floors.)  This allows the Borg to offer authentic casino video poker machines, but also big name slots that you would find on a real casino floors such as Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Kitty Glitter, Wolf Run, Cleopatra, and more.


Star Trek online slot bonus round from the Borgata online casino.  Most of the online slots feature bonus rounds.

Star Trek online slot bonus round from the Borgata online casino. Most of the online slots feature bonus rounds.

Once you open an online account, the Borgata offers you $20 in free play.  During signup, you will be required to download a small plug-in that will verify your New Jersey location.  It’s safe and you have no choice but to activate the plug in or you can’t play by law.


I also deposited an additional $20 via electronic check from my checking account, which was very easy.  All they require is your bank account and routing number.  Borgata, along with other sites, also offers credit card deposits.


They also have an online player card loyalty system that offers comps similar to what you will find in the MyBorgata slot card program.  They offer the same tiers, such as Red, Black, and Titanium level that rewards comps and free play the more you wager, but on a monthly basis.  Unfortunately, it is NOT connected to the physical Atlantic City account.  Hopefully, that will change immediately.  I would like to use my comps across both platforms, online and in the real casino in Atlantic City.  I might be inclined to play more, if I know there is a chance I might be offered a free room at the hotel.


In fact, I just noticed while signing onto their site to write this blog, they just added a new Monopoly online slot.  Applause to them for already upgrading!


Borgata online casino error message.

Borgata online casino error message.

Unfortunately, many of the games have the tendency to crash and completely lock up the software.  They offer a rich, graphic environment, complete with bonus rounds – but the slots constantly crash.  Sometimes, you only get in a spin or two before the game peters out.


That gets even more frustrating when you are in a bonus round and the software loses connection to the server and causes a major crash.  You don’t lose any money and the game usually will re-launch and continue your bonus.  But, many times, I was only offered a blue screen and had to CONTROL+ALT+DELETE to hard crash and relaunch the entire application.


If the software crashes in the middle of a bonus round, it's OK -- it will start off where you stopped once the game is reopened.

If the software crashes in the middle of a bonus round, it’s OK — it will start off where you stopped once the game is reopened.

Last Saturday, most of the games were offline and offered weird errors as “the game could not be played with the current currency selected.”  Even though, I was playing in American dollars.  I called the 800 number for help and was on hold more than 20 minutes both times before I gave up.


When the games do work, I’ve had quite a bit of fun, and have gotten a ton of play for my $20 investment, plus the $20 bonus.  In fact, I’m up!


Sadly, all of their technical glitches may permanently turn off some players, who can easily sign on to more trustworthy sites.  I would suggest waiting a bit and letting the Borgata completely overhaul their software before giving their site a try.


Rating: Average (Excellent once glitches are fixed)

Borgata also operates





Partnered with the Tropicana Atlantic City, Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin empire has moved into the online gambling business.  Virgin Casino offers up to a $50 reimbursement of your initial loss within the first seven days.


Virgin’s site does not require any software downloading.  While they offer all of the same IGT games as the Borgata, playing inside a web browser can make the games appear small on the screen.  A recent software fix seems to have addressed this as the games are now appearing in a larger size.


The Ghostbusters slot machine at the Virgin online casino.

The Ghostbusters slot machine at the Virgin online casino.  Virgin makes it easy to understand your total balance by constantly displaying it near the top of the screen.

Virgin offers Virgin points for the money you wager.  These can be cashed in for free money to play the games.  I opened my account with $50 (which I was able to deposit via electronic check from my checking account) and went through that in a couple of days.  They instantly added the $50 bonus.


I somehow earned 6 points for my $75 in play.  It seems to take thousands of points to get any online cash back.  They have the exact offers posted on their site.


The Virgin online casino withdraw screen.  This was a fairly easy process.

The Virgin online casino withdraw screen. This was a fairly easy process.

I played for some time longer and cashed out with $25 remaining.  The cash out was fairly easy and they sent an email the following day noting the withdrawal had been processed and would be in my checking account in 3-5 business days.  Why is withdrawing so easy, but depositing taking several days?


Rating: Average




They have the flashiest commercials for online gambling airing on TV.


Their site offers a large selection, but not all, of the IGT games from Borgata and Virgin casinos.


Sadly, I was unable to play.


What happens if an online casino can't verify your location... you get this.

What happens if an online casino can’t verify your location… you get this.

I was successfully able to open an account in which they offer $5 in free cash and $20 in poker table play (only said in the fine print, their splashy ads offer a flat $25.)


According to their site, the games can be played online in a web browser or by downloading their app.  Unfortunately, their app is online for Android devices, so sorry IPhone users.


The Loki plugin installing over and over again, with no luck.

The Loki plugin installing over and over again, with no luck.

Like Borgata, in order to play you are required to download a browser plug-in known as Loki to sign up and play.  However, the plug-in would not work to locate me, even though I’m inside the Garden State and installed it again and again.  I tried for over and hour rebooting the computer, checking their help FAQ, installing Mozilla Firefox as they suggest… but nothing.


Another option on their FAQ was to change the Windows registry to allow the games to play.  Sorry, I am not a computer programmer and the registry file they offered for download won’t launch, either.  There’s no reason to ask any player to alter their Windows registry.  That’s just asking for trouble and its way more time than the $25 in free play is worth.


After two hours and two different days of attempts – I gave up on them.


They need to redesign the software, so installation is not this complicated.  There are easier sites to sign onto out there.


Rating: Fail


I’ve also briefly checked out and, both operated by parent company Caesars Entertainment.  These sites offer their own non-copyrighted slots and a few games found on the other sites.  Many of the bigger slot games seemed to be missing here, however.


There are several more sites that I plan on checking out in the future and will report back here.  My early findings seem to be that most operate with the same IGT games.


Sure, not everyone is ready for online gambling and it can be very easy to get in trouble.  Some of the slots offer wagers as high as thousands of dollars on a single spin.


One night, in research for this blog, I was lying in bed playing the slots.  While it is fun, it isn’t a substitute for a night out at a real casino.  However, it does make it easy for those with a gambling problem to play at any time.  You definitely will need self control, especially now that you can basically turn any dorm room, hotel room, service plaza, kitchen, and library into a casino.


New Jersey state law has online account deposits capped at $2,500.  The online casino is required to contact the player at this point and verify if the player wishes to deposit more.  Once the total reaches $15,000 in accounts across all state casinos, another warning check will be issued.  The player also has the ability to control how much they can deposit at once as well.


As inside a real casino, a gambling hotline is available for anyone who needs help at 1-800-GAMBLER.  While that’s a creative number, spelling out your troubles on a touch tone keypad seems to be the last kick in the teeth.


Playing Star Trek while watching Star Trek… only in New Jersey!


THE 411


What: online gambling


Where legal: Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware – other states coming soon


Wagers start at: 1 cent




New Jersey is by far not the only state that is looking to ante up to online gambling.  Eight other states are working on similar laws: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Texas. New York representative Peter King is also working on making it a federal law.


It looks like this technology is here to stay.  Just as I’ve told you before – it’s up to you to bet with your head and not over it.  If gambling is against your nature or religion, then you will most likely not be happy with this latest online offering.


And in full disclosure, I have shared with you my experiences signing up with these three particular online casinos.  As with any form of wagering, your experience may differ.  I’d love to hear how it goes for you!