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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] McDonald’s Triple Cheeseburger Trap

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Jersey Joe exposes how McDonald’s is ripping you off with their Triple Cheeseburger promotion and shows you how to get more food for the same price.

THE 411

Name: McDonald’s Triple Cheeseburger

What: 3 patty hamburger sold at the fast food restaurant chain in the United States

Cost: $2.50 (current advertised special)


Keep a lookout for sneaky menu prices like this.  Many restaurants do this to add your money to their bottom line.  But, by being a smart shopper and doing a little research can help you find a better deal!


[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Things Guys Should Never Do After Age 30

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Jersey Joe checks out 10 things that men should never do after the age of 30.


According to an article on, this is a list of things that guys should never do after 30.

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THE 411

What: Turning 30

Meaning: entering third decade on planet and well established adulthood

Article location:


Some these on the list I do agree with.  But, it’s your life — you have to make it your own.

How many do you agree with?  Let me know on Twitter @JerseyJoe50!