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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] 13 Foods Cardiologists Never Eat

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Jersey Joe explores 13 common foods that cardiologists avoid.  Are some of your favorites on the list?

THE 411

What: 13 foods cardiologists never eat

For: lunch, dinner, breakfast, snacks

Why: harmful to the human body in large quantities


It’s always good to cut back on the bad foods in our diet.  Some of these really hit home, though.  Whether you’re trying to lose weight or not – at least this list gives us all something to think about.

fried chicken pieces

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Know Your Pittsburghese

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Pittsburgh has a language all it’s own.  Can a visitor figure out what the locals are saying?  Jersey Joe and Joel play the game of Know Your Pittsburghese ‘n at!


THE 411

Name: Pittsburghese

What: local dialect spoken in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania


It’s a very unique accent that I’ve only really found in that area.  If you cross to Eastern PA and Philadelphia, they have a completely different accent and dialect.

It’s fascinating how various parts of our country have accents all of their own.  Maybe I should try this game in a southern state or two!!!