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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Taco Fun Facts

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Love tacos?  Jersey Joe explores these fun facts about tacos!

THE 411

What: Tacos

Fact: Americanized version of Mexican food

Available: globally


Tacos are definitely one of my favorite foods.  But, living in the New York City area, it’s actually hard to find a restaurant that serves good ones.  Most, just slap cheap meat on a cheap soft taco and try to sell that off as awesome.  I don’t think so…

The best tacos I’ve ever had are at Nacho Daddy in Las Vegas, Nevada.  They now have 2 locations in Vegas: downtown just off of Fremont Street and another on Las Vegas Blvd.

Where have you had some awesome tacos?  I’d love to know, so I can sample and share!

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