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[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Weird Liquor Laws

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Jersey Joe explores old, outdated, and weird laws on the sale and consumption of alcohol across the United States.

THE 411

Name: blue laws

What: laws created the keep society at peace

Location: each state has their own unique set of these laws


Blue laws vary from state to state and also cover a variety of issues.  A non-liquor example in Bergen County, New Jersey forbids several large shopping malls from being open on Sundays.  So, when you travel, be sure you know these restrictions, so you don’t get busted.

A glass of golden hard liquor on the rocks. Could be scotch, bourbon, or whisky.

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] 10 Foods to Avoid Before Flying

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Jersey Joe checks out ten foods that you should avoid eating before flying in an airplane.


THE 411

What: foods to avoid before flying

Why: various causes, mostly gastrointestinal


It’s up to you, if you believe these.  But, I’m not going to take any chances!!!

baked beans

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Rejected Wine Flavors

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Jersey Joe checks out these hilarious, but rejected flavors of wine.

Wine, an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting grapes has been around for more than 9,000 years.  The earliest known discovery was in China, where thousands of pottery jars were uncovered.  Wine can be made from a number of fruits including apple and peach, with grapes being the most popular.

THE 411

Name: wine

What: alcoholic beverage

Created: more than 9,000 years ago


Drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive!

wine flavors icon

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] What Are Those Lines on a Solo Cup?

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What do those lines on plastic Solo cups mean? Are they for measuring alcohol, measuring cooking ingredients, or just a design? Jersey Joe checks out why these cups have become so popular.

Solo cups were first introduced in 1936 in a paper version.  The company was sold to the Dart Corporation and now sells more than $2.4 billion annually.  What’s your favorite color, red or blue?  Red is the clear selling winner!

THE 411

Name: Solo Cups

What: disposable plastic drinking glasses for parties and picnics

First sold: 1936



I always have a supply of these around.  You never know when you will need them for an instant party!

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Do You Have a Package On?

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Have you ever had a package on?  My grandparents used this phrase all the time.  For a good laugh – share the meaning with your friends!

THE 411

What: Having a package on

Meaning: being over-intoxicated or drunk

Origin: Great Britain


It’s another one of those old school phrases that I have learned over the years from my grandparents.  So, have YOU ever had a package on?  Next time, you’re out for drinks with friends… see who is the first to say YES!

[LIVE Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Worst Bar Mistakes

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What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made or ever seen at a bar?  Jersey Joe chats with his friends in a Brooklyn bar backyard patio in this rebroadcast of a live web show.

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Let’s Play the 70s Family Feud 2

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Jersey Joe once again challenges his friends to play a round of the 1970s Richard Dawson classic – Family Feud.  Will the survey answers from the 70s be the same as if the question was asked today?  Let’s find out!

Family Feud went on the air in 1976 with host Richard Dawson.  Feud is a spin-off of the Super Match round from another popular 70’s game show Match Game, where Dawson was a popular panelist.

Dawson hosted the show until 1985.  He also returned for a single season in 1994.  Since Dawson, several other hosts have taken over, with Steve Harvey, the most recent, receiving the series highest syndicated ratings ever since he took over in 2010.

Feud originally aired on the ABC television network.  It moved to CBS in the 1980’s and has is currently seen in syndication on local stations, as it always has been.

Feud is also seen in around the world and has been named the 3rd greatest TV game show of all time.

But, once again we see how the times have changed.  While the 5 answers on the board are still correct today, there are a few more, modern answers that would have definitely made the list.

THE 411

Name: Family Feud

What: TV game show

On air since: 1976


I love Family Feud.  If you are a regular viewer of this blog, then you most surely know that.  This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about the show, but it’s the first time I’ve got to challenge my friends into playing a round.  We will definitely have to do this again!

[Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Does Beer Freeze?

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The Eastern seaboard of the United States is currently locked in a 20 year deep freeze.  Cities up and down the coast are locked into the coldest temperatures they have experienced in over two decades.

We’ve all heard the myth that boiling hot water will instantly freeze in temperatures under 32° and scientists have proved that — but what about beer?  Alcohol has a lower freezing temperature.

Watch what happens as Jersey Joe and his friends test out boiling hot water and an ice cold beer in 4° temperatures.

THE 411

What: Does beer freeze under freezing temperatures

Freezing temperature: 32° F

Type of beer: Miller Lite

Location: Jersey City, New Jersey


The East Coast is certainly locked in a deep freeze right now.  It’s been over two decades, since temperatures have fallen this low along the Eastern seaboard.  It was a cold night out… so we had a little fun. Check it out… maybe my friends and I could be of use to an elementary school science experiment or something…

[Citizen Filter] A Brief Guide To Grieving With Dignity

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I’m going to tell you a joke:


My dog’s dying!




Well, I tried. No, but really my dog is dying, and not my second or third dog, but my first dog, my childhood dog, the dog that made my father ruin innumerable photo prints and led my mother to discover the joys of buying chicken necks from the butcher, my dog who is beautiful and perfect and once chewed up an amazing pair of leather sandals when I was thirteen and she was still a puppy.

My mom texted me last weekend (hey, that’s why this is a week late! I HAVE REASONS FOR THINGS) with an adorable photo of my 16-year-old dog and the message the she has 25% kidney function and about two weeks to live, because she had stopped eating. That was my Saturday. Doggy suicide via hunger strike. Can’t even tell you how great that was. Can’t. Even. (Sidenote: Let us all take a moment to appreciate that my mother now knows how to send a group picture text. A moment of silence for her lost innocence, and a moment of laughter because anyone who thinks previous generations were innocent clearly has never seen a statistical chart teen pregnancy over the last century, nor have they read Shakespeare.)

So here’s my handy guide to dealing with your dog’s imminent demise:

1. Cry at the wheel while you’re driving to get gas on the way to your boyfriend’s mom’s birthday party.

2. Call your mom while you’re getting gas and cry on the phone with her. Marvel at her calm attitude. Realized that your mascara is running but you’re also running late so screw it, you were going for a smoky eye look anyway and how the fuck are you going to get through a party with a bunch of people who ask how you are and with whom you usually tell the truth?

3. When your boyfriend tells you that he is definitely driving the rest of the way, concede gracefully and climb over the parking brake, exposing your underpants to the whole gas station and (this is very important) Don’t Give A Damn because you are Grieving and No One Understands.

4. Sniffle all the way to Hipster Neighborhood, where your boyfriend is practicing a song to sing for his mother.

5. When you get there, ask your boyfriend’s brother for bourbon. Drink a healthy amount. Touch up your mascara.

6. Realize that they took your suggestion of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’, a suggestion you made pre-dog-dying text. Realize that it is the Wrong Song to listen to when you are saying goodbye to an old friend. Sob quietly in the kitchen, using up all the eco-friendly paper towels to blow your nose. Wobble unsteadily to the living room when they’re done, finish your bourbon, and touch up your lipstick.

7. Cry when the roommates come home with their adorable dog.

8. Cry in the car on the way to the party.

9. Touch up your mascara again. You are going to run out of mascara.

10. See your boyfriend’s sister’s new puppy, who looks a lot like your dying dog, fenced in the yard. Hold back tears and pretend the last two hours didn’t happen.

11. Spend the whole party with your boyfriend’s brother-in-law’s brothers, who don’t talk much and mostly to their mother, in Spanish, when they do. Finally be grateful you forgot most of your Spanish.

12. Drive home. Debate going out. Decide against going out, go to the 24-hour Mexican and breakfast food place and get a burrito. Get teary-eyed because they are out of pickled carrots and radishes, and you don’t even eat those.

13. Eat your burrito. Drink a beer. Sleep.

14. The next day, text all the friends you have left in your hometown and strongarm them into going to your parents’ house and petting your dog. Succeed in annoying your parents, your friends, and your dog, who just wants to sit in the yard and sample the olfactory delights on the breeze. Hope your dog hasn’t learned to text in her old age, although that would be an amazing miracle that might compel God to keep her around a little longer, but would also make you the worst person ever because you annoyed your dying dog so much that she learned to text.

This is my dog. She is the best. This is her sniffing the breeze for interesting smells, including but not limited to: Squirrel, Other Dog, Bird, Milkman, Mailman, Delivery Man, School Children, Sad Lost Deer in an Urban Setting

15. Put up a weepy Facebook status, including the fateful first picture of your dog.

16. Get a barrage of concerned texts from your older sisters, who are channeling their grief into worrying about you. Thank the Lord for the consistency of the world, in which there is a time for life, for death, for change, and for always getting so much goddamn attention when your family members are trying to forget their own feelings. It is your duty to accept their worry graciously. It is your right to bitch about it to your boyfriend. It it your fate to be simultaneously happy that you are surrounded by Loving Concern and grumpy because all that Loving Concern is Stifling.

17. Cry. Drink a beer. Cry.

18. Watch cute dog videos on YouTube. Cry.

19. Get a text from your mother the dog has started eating again. She’ll be fine for awhile. Cry.

20. Realize that your bathroom is leaking water from the ceiling, walls, doorjamb, and windows. Cry, then eat a Bay Cities sandwich.

See how you too can dealing with the crippling sadness of losing a beloved pet and de facto family member in 20 easy steps! Fill your larder with booze and Kleenex and you’ll be just fine.

But don’t forget about the crippling guilt for moving away from your hometown to find education, love, and happiness! There is nothing more reproachful than the eyes of a dog who is old and sick and sad that you’re leaving, and that was last January, when we thought she had at least another year.

Happily, I’ll back in ye olde homesteade in a couple of weeks, and I’m hoping she holds out long enough for me to say goodbye. Because the only thing worse than your dog dying is when you miss saying your farewells by a day or two!